10 Most Beautiful Small Birds in the World


Great things we see on this planet. Unique and colorful beautiful birds each one of these is different fromothers in a beautifully unique way each bird has its own wonderful characteristics almost all the birds are charming but some of them have magnificent appearances with so many bird species it was quite difficult to choose ten of the most beautiful among them so here’s And one of the 10 most beautiful little birds in the world.

10 – Malabar trogon

birds malabar trogon

Malabar trogon belongs to the family Trog in a day this delightful bird is mostly found in western and Central india sri lanka and the eastern Ghats it refers to nested dense tropical forests Malabar Trogdon has attractive colors with its blackish gray wings cinnamon back and tail and pink underpants because of its charming outlook it is considered one of the most beautiful birds

9 – hooded Pitta

hooded pitta birds

hooded Pitta is a medium-sized alluring bird that is known worldwide for its beauty they are mostly found in Australia in tropical Asia and also in Africa but a Pitta weighs less than half a pound and is about 9 to 10 inches this bird is solitary and usually migrates to urban gardens

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