10 Most Beautiful Small Birds in the World

8 – variable Sunbird

variable sunbird

variable Sunbird is a small elegant bird about 10 centimetres or 4 inches long it’s body is beautifully colored with shiny green throat and head yellowish belly and maroon This bird has a quick trip these birds sometimes lunch on the nectar of colorful flowers found mostly in South Asia in north-east Australia the breeds of these amazing birds between September and February they make their nests of feathers grass leaves and larvae dropping salvo and all these are consistent with the spider webs of average life of these birds is about seven years variable son birds are mostly fat in pairs or small groups

7 – Northern Cardinal

northern cordinal

Northern Cardinal is a medium-sized lovely bird that is mostly found in North and South America these birds are beautifully colored male birds have a black face bright red feathers and red beak while the female bird is tan and has slightly red tail feathers and wings both male and female birds contribute to building a nest andfeeding the young ones these birds singsongs to communicate with each other the male Cardinals are aggressive and sometimes even fight with their reflection they mostly feed on fruit insects and seeds this pretty-looking bird is the official state bird of seven states of the United States

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