10 Most Beautiful Small Birds in the World

6 – chlorostilbon


chlorosstilbon is a species of hummingbirdthese birds are 75 to 85 millimeters in length and weigh up to 2.6 grams the female bird is smaller in size than the male bird their bodies have attractive colors the male bird has a metallic blue tail white thighs and dark grey legs and feet while the female bird has a pale green color with our gray white underparts white tail feathers and black ear patch they are mostly found In tropical and subtropical areas of South America this beautiful bird species is solitary and their average lifespan is 6 to 12 years in wild and in captivity it can live for about 17 years the male bird did not contribute to nests making and in taking care of the young ones this small gorgeous bird is famous worldwide

5 – Lilac breasted roller

Lilac breasted roller

the Lilac breasted roller is a beautifully colored bird both male and female birds have the same coloration they have lilac throat and breast green head bright blue wing feathers The blue belly of these beautiful birds found almost in South and East Africa this beautiful bird is a white marriage breast roller preferably to live in the vast open forests of vast lands and areas with well spaced trees these birds make their nests and termite mounds and tree holes this delightful bird is friendly the average life expectancy of this bird is about 10 years

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