10 Most Beautiful Small Birds in the World

4 hill blue flycatcher

Hill blue flycatcher

hill blue flycatcher is a splendid long-tailed bird the male bird is more beautiful as compared to the female bird the male bird has red throat and breasts bright blue underparts while females are duller with a little red touch it is mostly found in southern Asia Sri Lanka Indonesia and India this Stein bird breeds in gardens scrub forests and bamboo it mostly feeds on flies small invertebrates beetles and cockroaches they have harsh calls and weak songs it nests in a hole in a tree with three to five eggs a group of this pretty flycatcher is referred to as swatting outfield zipper or zapper

3 – fairy pitta

fairy pitta

fairy pitta is a small size pretty bird it is a brightly colored bird with a green back and winged boughs green and cobalt shoulders and upper tail covers the legs are yellowish brown and the tail is dark green fairy pita is mostly found in Southeast Asia and South Korea but it is migratory it mostly feeds on centipedes ants snails and beetles the breeding season of this alluring bird is made of July fairy peta is an endangered bird and hunting and deforestation is the main reason behind it it ranges in size from six to nineteen point five centimeters this gorgeous bird is known worldwide for its stunning appearance

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