10 Most Beautiful Small Birds in the World

2 – white crested laughing thrush

White crested laughing thrush

the white crusted laughing thrush is a highly social and vocal bird it is mostly found in the Himalayan foothills in South Asia this lovely bird has white head and breast chestnut browned under parts and a black strip across iein ear it feeds on insects and fruit they make loud calls that sound like laughter it is six to eight inches in length and weighs about four point one six ounces this cute looking bird usually moves in flocks ranging from pairs too noisy gangs white crested laughing thrush It is a very social bird that is not afraid of human disorders and nervousness this gorgeous and stunning bird is famous all over the world for its beauty before we discover together number one make amazing Article on beautiful birds on our website and give us a Share if you enjoyed this Article so far also tell us in the comments which one of these is most beautiful according to you

1 – paradise Tanager

Paradise tanager

at the top of the list is the paradise of a beautiful and attractive sheep bird Tangar this amazing creature of God famous all over the world for its beauty and elegance and is considered striking there are four subspecies of paradise Tanger which differ mainly in the color of their rump they are mostly found in groups and sometimes in a flock of five to twenty birds it feeds on anthropods and fruit these pretty birds are active and Restless it usually sings in a regular series and gives a dawn song in the morning due to its beauty this bird tops our list of most beautiful birds in the world


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