The best fastest bird in the world

The roaming falcon is the fastest bird in the world

The roving falcon or the peregrine falcon is the fastest bird and fastest animal in the world, as its speed can reach its maximum value of about 389 km / h while heading down to pounce on its prey, and it has two long, sharp wings that help it orient itself while heading down strongly To kill its prey, and a large chest, attached to it by strong muscles, and coarse feathers that reduce friction, and its normal speed ranges between 64-97 km / hour.

The outer shape of the roving falcon The roving falcon has a bluish-gray color from the top, and black stripes on the bottom part of the yellowish-white part of its body, and the length of adults ranges between 36-49 cm. Down towards the prey at a tremendous speed of more than 320 km / h, to collide with it and eliminate it, and its prey includes: ducks, songbirds, and shorebirds.

General information about a roaming falcon


  It is the most widespread type of birds of prey, as it is spread on all continents except for Antarctica, and many oceanic islands.

 It weighs about 0.9 kg, and has a wingspan of about 1.1 m. The females are slightly larger than the males.

Its lifespan ranges between 7-15 years, and some of them may be extended to about 20 years.

The mating season extends from late March to May, and they lay 3-4 eggs at a time, and the incubation period lasts between 29-32 days.

 Settles open rocky areas near water.

The most common raptor in the world

Al Shaheen

 The Shaheen is the fastest bird in the world. It has a maximum speed of 386 kilometers per hour, and is distinguished by its long and pointed wings that help it kill prey from birds smaller than it.


  The Eurasian falcon is one of the fastest birds, with a speed of 159.33 kilometers per hour, and is characterized by its agility, as it depends for its food on organisms such as swallows, and lives in forests and lands with open spaces.

The golden eagle

 The Golden Eagle is one of the fastest birds; Its speed reaches 241.4 kilometers per hour, its color is dark brown and its feathers are golden, and it is the largest bird of prey in North America, and it feeds on many organisms. Such as ground squirrels, rabbits, reptiles, fish, and large insects.

Frigate bird

 It is one of the largest and fastest sea birds, and it is similar to the size of a hen and is distinguished by its very thin and long wings that may reach 2.3 meters in length, its long tail is multi-limbed, and its feet of small size, and it feeds on fish, and lives on coasts and tropical and subtropical islands all over the world